Rust Anode

Vidéo promotionnel de la Technologie Rust-Anode/Promotional video for the Rust-Anode Technology

Nous sommes heureux de vous présenter la vidéo promotionnel de notre Technologie Rust-Anode!
La version française suivra sous peu.
Bon visionnement!

Promotional video for the Rust-Anode Technology
Mono-component product
99.995% pure organic zinc
Lower in VOCs
Cathodic protection due to electrochemical bond with the metal (measurable [Ω resistance])
Dries quickly (hygro-reactive) in moist environments
Required surface preparation: SSPC-SP7 or SSPC-SP6, or acid, depending on case
May be applied on non-friable rust, free of dust
Can recharge existing zinc from hot galvanization
An equal dry film thickness of Rust-Anode® Technology provides the same performance as hot galvanization and metallization
No structural distortion
High resistance to saltwater and salty environments
Resists hydrocarbons such as hydraulic fluid, diesel, gasoline, urea, etc.
Can be used at any time to retouch Rust-Anode® Primer or Rust-Anode coated surfaces
Can be applied at temperatures from –5°C and +37°C (23°F to +98°F)
Meets ASTM B117 (Salt Spray Test), ASTM D522 (Mandrel Bend Test), CAN/CGSB 1-GP-71 Method 119.5 and CAN/CGSB 1.181 and Canadian Food Inspection Agency standards

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