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Since 2007, Galvatech 2000TM has been the master distributor in North America for the distribution of a new technology for galvanizing metals

  • Origins of the Rust-Anode® Technology; The original formulation dating from 1954 used exclusively by the military forces of NATO, was declassified from the military at the start of the year’s 2000 and rendered available to civil use. This technology has evolved to the polyvalent Rust-Anode® Primer in 2009.
  • The Rust-Anode® Technology allows for on-site reloading of zinc on new or older galvanized structures damaged by rust and/or corrosion
  • The Rust-Anode® Technology offers the same performances as hot dip galvanization
  • We offer corrosion specialist and Nace certified expert services
  • We have invented and patented the Galvajet 2500LR® allowing a for a highly efficient application of the Rust-Anode® product. Note, that it is also possible to use standard equipment for the Rust-Anode® Primer product.
  • We have a network of 15 experience certified distribution points scattered mainly across the provinces of Quebec, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Labrador and New Brunswick.
  • We have a network of 17 experience applicators scattered mainly across the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Ontario.
  • Our main sectors of activity are: electrical and communications networks (pylon, dam etc.), transportation, maritime and railway transport, infrastructure, equipment, buildings, bridges, water purification system, etc.

Our mission is to solve rust and corrosion problems in a sustainable way thus doing our share for the environment giving a second life to existing structures.

We will make the Rust-Anode Technology known to the world!

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Our team, our strength!

Guylaine Rioux,

Phone/WhatsApp: 418 631-5764
Toll-free: 1 888 743-2046

Maxim Dubé,
Technical Director United States, Mexico and Europe
NACE (66191) Coating Inspector Level 2 – Certified

Phone/WhatsApp: 819 266-9615
Toll-free: 1 888 743-2046

Sidney Miranda,
Marketing Director

Phone: 1-581-984-3716

Claude Dupont, NACE
Director / North America
Research and Development
Corrosion Specialist
Zinc strategies & Solutions
All New & Corroded Metals

Phone/WhatsApp: 418 569-6250

Sarah St-Jean,
Commercial Director, United States and Mexico

WhatsApp: +52 55 2670 2384

François Bellefleur,
Technical Director Canada

Phone/WhatsApp: 438-500-4438

Patrick Roussel,
Quality Control Manager

Phone: 581 624-0455
Toll-free: 1 888 743-2046

Our team at your service

Galvatech 2000TM relies on the experience, expertise and team spirit of its team.
Highly qualified specialized personnel, administrative personnel and direction is the recipe for our success!

A free formation/presentation (1 or 2 hrs) about steel and zinc corrosion with attestation of formation is available upon request:

Formation topics

Approvals MTQ-MTO-Military

Approval by Transports Québec (MTQ-Canada)

Click on: Revêtements pour structures d’acier (Steel structural coatings)/Liste des produits homologués (List of approved products)

Military reference

Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO-Canada) The Road Autorithy

Major customers

Hydro-One, ON
Hydro-Québec, QC
NB Power, NB
NS Power, NS
Parc Canada, QC
Sociétés des traversiers, QC
Saint Lawrence Seaway, QC
Ministry of Transport Quebec (DOT), QC
Ministry of Transport Ontario (DOT), ON

Approvals Canadian Food Inspection Agency

Rust-Anode® Primer


Approvals Hydro-Québec

Rust-Anode® Primer


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