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Since its establishment in 1954, RUST-ANODE® products have gained worldwide recognition and have been successfully implemented in more than 50 countries. Their exceptional characteristics have positioned them at the forefront of anti-corrosion solutions. Approved by renowned official laboratories in Europe, North-America, and embraced by NATO forces from the beginning, RUST-ANODE® zinc technology has firmly established itself as a global leader in delivering active protection and significantly extending the lifespan of various assets.

We aim to introduce our revolutionary technology to the world with great pride, showcasing its unparalleled effectiveness and wide-ranging applications.

Who we are

Galvatech 2000 is a well-known manufacturer of galvanizing coatings and the main distributor of Rust-Anode in North America, South America, and Europe. The 50,000 square feet facility includes a state-of-the-art specialized laboratory.

Galvatech 2000 is the main distributor in America and Europe for Rust-Anode SRL, a well-known manufacturer of galvanizing compound technologies. Our 50,000 square feet facility includes a state-of-the-art specialized laboratory.

Our technology provides active cathodic protection to steel structures. The Galvatech zinc coatings are single-component products that fuse with the existing layers of zinc, recharging the cathodic protection of galvanized and metallic steel. Our revolutionary solutions are perfectly suited for use in workshops and construction sites.

Our anti-corrosion treatments act as an active layer on metal surfaces. The corrosion resistance performance of the technology is comparable to hot-dip galvanization (HDG) and significantly reduces maintenance costs for your assets compared to standard paints, making it an economical and effective solution.

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Questions and answers

Rust-Anode offers a comparable lifespan to hot-dip galvanization or metallization under the same exposure conditions.

Yes, Rust-Anode is designed to be applied over rust surfaces prepared under our specifications. This unique characteristic allows Rust-Anode to provide active corrosion protection even on surfaces that have already been affected by rust.

Bridges, maritime structures, electrical and telecommunication transmission towers, buildings, tanks, transportation, trailers, and factories.

We have 14 distribution points located in the Maritimes and Quebec. Find the nearest distributor to your location.

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Free Training Recognized by the Order of Engineers of Quebec.

A free training/presentation (1 or 2 hours) on steel and zinc corrosion. A certificate of completion is available upon request.

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Our team of highly qualified professionals, certified by NACE/AMPP, is dedicated to addressing your technical inquiries. Whether you are a client or working alongside one, we are committed to collaborating with you in order to identify the root causes of your rust and corrosion issues and find an effective solution. Through our expertise and experience, we will develop a customized protocol of application that includes surface preparations, application methods, and quality control measures. Our goal is to provide you with a customized approach that resolves your current rust and corrosion challenges and ensures long-lasting protection for your assets.

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