Our galvanizing solution treats bridges, walkways, infrastructure, roofs, stairs, ramps, paper and chemical plants, refineries, mines, and food processing plants.

Rust-anode primer

Unique technology for industrial galvanization, rich in organic zinc through electrochemical bonding with 88% zinc content in the dry layer. Offers a lifespan comparable to hot-dip galvanization under the same exposure conditions.

Available sizes: 2 and 12 kilograms.

Comparative table

Hot-Dip Galvanization Rust-Anode® Primer
Active cathodic protection
Zinc dry film thickness control
Protection longevity
Surface uniformity
Minimal process time
Minimal substrate preparation
Touch up at any time
Easy to apply
Application with standard paint equipment
Low energy-consuming process
Salted water immersion
Applicable on various metals:
On new steel
On rusty steel (brown)
On a new hot-dip galvanization or metallization
On old hot-dip galvanizing or metallization
On aluminum
On Copper
On cast iron
On cast aluminum
On concrete
On corten steel
Health Canada approval
Bending flexibility of galvanized parts
Equivalent protection performance as hot dipped galvanized
Process with No delay to your production schedule

Questions and answers

Yes, Rust-Anode is approved for replenishing zinc protection on hot-dip galvanized steel structures or metallization. Additionally, our product is approved by the Ministries of Transportation of Quebec, Ontario, and Canada, as well as being endorsed by Hydro-Quebec (SN31.101 for distribution post maintenance and TET-LIA-N-SUP0012 for tower maintenance).

Rust-Anode offers a comparable lifespan to hot-dip galvanization or metallization under the same exposure conditions.

Bridges, maritime, electrical and telecommunication transmission towers, buildings, tanks, transportation, truck trailers, and factories.

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