Galvatech Rust-Anode Technology alternative to hot-tip galvanizing

Low Maintenance, Superior Protection

RUST-ANODE® Technology

The Galvatech Rust-Anode® Galvanizing Compound has proven its efficiency to protect galvanized structures with the same protection mechanism as when they are manufactured galvanized. A prime alternative to hot-tip galvanizing and to paint coatings.

Advantages of RUST-ANODE® Technology

Our unique technology provides

Advantages of RUST-ANODE® Technology

Our services include

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Why Choose Us?

Since 2007, Galvatech 2000 has been the master distributor in North America for its technology for galvanizing metals. Our mission is to solve rust and corrosion problems in a sustainable way and to do our part for the environment by giving a second life to existing structures.

Certifications & Approvals

Transports Québec (MTQ-Canada)
Ministry of Transportation Ontario (MTO-Canada)
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
SN31.101 (maintenance of electrical substations)
TET-LIA- N-SUP0012 (Towers maintenance)
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Find out more about RUST-ANODE® technology

Since 1954, RUST-ANODE® is applied in over 50 countries! lts superior qualities make it your first choice for fighting corrosion. Approved by the main laboratories in Europe and adopted by NATO forces since its beginning, RUST-ANODE® has established itself as a world leader in guaranteed active protection and life extension of current assets.

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