Approval of our Rust-Anode and Rust-Anode Primer galvanizing products by Hydro-Québec

We are proud to announce the approval of our unique Rust-Anode and Rust-Anode Primer galvanizing products by Hydro-Québec.


These are now specified in article 13.4

« Réparation au chantier des surfaces métalliques galvanisées endommagées ou modifiées » of SN31.101 « Fourniture et montage des charpentes en acier pour les postes » of Hydro-Québec.


You can go to our website in the latest projects section, we already have many projects with Hydro Québec.


For more information, do not hesitate to contact our technical director, Maxim Dubé by phone at 819-266-9615 or by email at


See below the Hydro-Québec standard SN31.101


Discover the Rust-Anode® Technology

The Rust-Anode® technology allows for on-site zinc recharging of new or used structures damaged by rust or corrosion and offers the same performance as hot-dip galvanization.

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