Formation and Customer Support: Core Values at Galvatech 2000

At Galvatech 2000, our roots date back to the 1950s, and our technology is gaining recognition in the market. We have implemented innovative tools to demonstrate these performances. Among them, our free formation program has proven essential, especially with the advent of the pandemic, when webinars have become very popular. The Order of Engineers of […]

Rust or Corrosion

Corrosion and rust often lead to confusion, and the two terms are frequently interchanged. This is common to hear someone exclaim, “OMG, it’s rusted!” However, it is crucial to distinguish between rust and corrosion, considering that rust is merely a specific manifestation of metallic corrosion, which is, in fact, relatively harmless. Corrosion Corrosion is a […]

“A 48-Year-Old Bridge Revitalized Through Rust-Anode Primer Technology”

Introduction: In the realm of civil engineering, the preservation of infrastructure poses a constant challenge. In 2016, the Quebec Ministry of Transportation (MTQ) brilliantly tackled this challenge by embarking on the complete regeneration of a 48-year-old galvanized steel bridge. This ambitious project, executed on the St-Wenceslas Bridge in the central region of Quebec, proved to […]

The rehabilitation of a bridge for the unloading of oil tankers

“A Success Story of Expertise and Quality” In the world of engineering, there are projects that require special attention and unparalleled expertise. The story we are going to tell you today is a perfect example. This involves the rehabilitation of a bridge used to access the tanker for unloading in Sept-Îles. This bridge, already galvanized, […]

Rehabilitation of Dam Gates with Rust-Anode Primer: Successful Projects

When it comes to barrier gate rehabilitation, our Rust-Anode Primer technology is often the solution of choice. Our resistance to immersion and ability to resist chlorides (salts) is well established, making it a wise choice for structures exposed to the harshest elements. An Authority in Dam Management The General Directorate of Dams, formerly known as […]

Exciting News: Peintres BSR , a New Authorized Applicator of Rust-Anode Primer!

We are delighted to announce excellent news for all your civil and industrial projects: Peintres BSR is now an authorized applicator of our Rust-Anode Primer technology. This collaboration promises to bring invaluable expertise to your surface preparation and coating application projects. Who are Peintres BSR? Peintres BSR is a company specializing in the preparation of […]

New Distributor in Mexico

We are very pleased to inform you that Galvatech has a brand-new distribution point. Our product Rust-Anode Primer is now available in Mexico. We are excited to announce that our company currently has several projects under development in Mexico. This expansion into such a dynamic region is an exciting step for our company. Our teams […]

Rust-Anode Primer” is now featured in the recommended list by the American Galvanizers Association (AGA)

We are pleased to inform you that our product “Rust-Anode Primer” is now featured in the recommended list by the American Galvanizers Association (AGA), among other products, for complying with the ASTM A780 standard for touch-ups and repairs on hot-dip galvanized surfaces. To view the approved products, please visit: