Formation and Customer Support: Core Values at Galvatech 2000

At Galvatech 2000, our roots date back to the 1950s, and our technology is gaining recognition in the market. We have implemented innovative tools to demonstrate these performances. Among them, our free formation program has proven essential, especially with the advent of the pandemic, when webinars have become very popular. The Order of Engineers of Quebec recognizes the technical quality of our sessions.

During these 90 minutes, we cover various topics ranging from the formation of rust to the cathodic protection of steel with zinc, including the different methods of anti-corrosion protection. We also compare our galvanizing compound, the Rust-Anode Primer, with other high-performance paint systems. In addition, we discuss the standards to be respected, control points, and surface preparations.


While interaction through screens is valuable, nothing beats an in-person presentation, which allows for increased interactivity. Whether in front of small groups of employees in the field or the offices of architectural and engineering firms, we transmit our knowledge while adapting to the specific needs of each company. Even future engineers still at universities can be trained.


At Galvatech, formation is not limited to theory. We also support teams in the field, teaching them good practices for surface preparation and application of Rust-Anode Primer. Our customers greatly appreciate this direct involvement because it guarantees the quality of the projects and the satisfaction of the applicators, who now know the proper methods.

Before going to a construction site, several preparatory steps are necessary. We are often called upon several months in advance to study projects well before they begin, organizing meetings by videoconference and even on-site visits to advise those involved on the best practices to adopt. We then write a complete spec for decontamination, surface preparation, and application of Rust-Anode Primer. Being certified members of AMPP/NACE, we sign our specs. We also review specs; with our experience, we have seen many poorly written quotes that lack precision or use discontinued standards or products.

For large-scale projects, we remain present to answer questions on-site and verify the work. Thanks to our training in AMPP/NACE inspection, we can point out points where corrosion could manifest if the specifications of the quote are not respected. We also systematically recommend the presence of an independent AMPP/NACE inspector for these projects.

At Galvatech 2000, the transmission of our knowledge and experience is anchored in our DNA, and we are proud to put it into practice daily.

Discover the Rust-Anode® Technology

The Rust-Anode® technology allows for on-site zinc recharging of new or used structures damaged by rust or corrosion and offers the same performance as hot-dip galvanization.

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