Galvatech 2000 is pleased to announce the following nominations

With the growing development of foreign markets, we wish to inform you of organizational changes within our team.

Galvatech 2000 is pleased to announce the following nominations effective January 01, 2023:

Francois Bellefleur is now on Technical Director of Canada.

You can reach him by Cell / WhatsApp at 1-438-500-4438 or by email at

Francois has been Commercial Director since April 2022 and has now acquired the technical knowledge to support you in all your projects

François is NACE level 1 certified, MPI architectural coating technologist, chemical engineering technician by training and is also a building inspector.

With more than 20 years of experience in the field in North America for Sico, Akzo Nobel and PPG.

He has extensive experience in process optimization, problem-solving, and project management.

He will be responsible for providing Canadian technical support by coordinating projects and preparing asset maintenance plans to develop business opportunities in Canada.


Maxim Dubé is now, Technical Director for the United States, Mexico and Europe

You can reach him by Cell / WhatsApp 1-819-266-9615 or by email at

On behalf of myself and @Galvatech2000, I would like to congratulate Francois and Maxim for their new role inside our organization and invite you to contact them for all your projects

Please note that Claude Dupont remains in the Research and Development / North America, Corrosion Specialist, Zinc Strategies and Solutions, All New and Corroded Metals department.

You can reach him by Cell / WhatsApp at 418-569-6250 or by email at

Several new products are being developed in the Rust-Anode technology laboratories and are expected to arrive in 2023.

Guylaine Rioux, president

Cell/WhatsApp: 418-631-5764

Discover the Rust-Anode® Technology

The Rust-Anode® technology allows for on-site zinc recharging of new or used structures damaged by rust or corrosion and offers the same performance as hot-dip galvanization.

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