The rehabilitation of a bridge for the unloading of oil tankers

"A Success Story of Expertise and Quality"

In the world of engineering, there are projects that require special attention and unparalleled expertise. The story we are going to tell you today is a perfect example. This involves the rehabilitation of a bridge used to access the tanker for unloading in Sept-Îles. This bridge, already galvanized, needed special attention to ensure its longevity and continued efficiency.

Our role in this project began at the very beginning when the engineering office began to develop the estimate. Through email exchanges and videoconference calls, we were able to contribute to the planning of the repair by advising the best approach methods with our expertise. Our goal was to ensure the durability of the structure while maintaining its essential functionality.

To enhance the longevity of the bridge, we specified several crucial points. One of them was to retain the existing zinc and apply a sealer to the concrete deck. This last measure was intended to eliminate moisture which could have attacked the underlying metals. Protection from the elements was a major priority to maintain the integrity of the bridge over time.

Product: Rust-Anode Primer from Galvatech 2000

Work carried out in July 2023

We also insisted on the presence of an AMPP/NACE certified inspector on the project. This decision proved essential to guarantee the quality of the rehabilitation. AMPP/NACE is a reference in the inspection of metal structures, and their presence was a guarantee of quality.

To closely monitor the progress of the project, we were present during a working day on the site. This allowed us to collaborate with the rehabilitation team, answer technical questions, and ensure that the recommendations we made were implemented.

It is important to note that the company selected to carry out the work was not necessarily the lowest bidder. This decision paid off as the chosen company demonstrated exceptional craftsmanship and a commitment to excellence.

The rehabilitation of this bridge used for unloading oil tankers is a remarkable example of how close collaboration between stakeholders, technical expertise, and a focus on quality can lead to an exceptional result. This project is a testament to our commitment to the preservation of critical infrastructure and our determination to maintain high standards of engineering excellence.


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